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Americans believe that the most effective charity in any given cause area is about 1.7x as effective as the average.
This is dead wrong. 
In reality, the 99th percentile can be 100x as impactful per dollar donated. 
I spent a decade in ~70 countries with dozens of organizations intimately researching what the 99th percentile looks like.
Why? So I can help donors like you multiply your philanthropic impact 100 times.

Why give strategically?


  • Philanthropic planning and advising

  • Donor Advised Fund management

  • Bank-to-Beneficiary™ Dollar Tracking

  • Impact monitoring and reporting

  • Personal impact webpages

  • ...and more.


  • Philanthropic advising for your clients

  • SRI/Impact Investment portfolio to impact giving portfolio conversion

  • Third Bottom Line impact reporting

  • Client and firm impact metrics webpages

  • ...and more.


  • Corporate and employee impact giving

  • CSR: impact communication (behavioral science optimized impact metrics)

  • White-labeled impact tracking webpages

  • Learn-at-Lunches + event speaking

  • ...and more.

"Logan and I were selected to coauthor the global standard guidance document for impact monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian contexts. Every United Nations agency, nonprofit, government, military and donor operating in or overlapping with the humanitarian sector uses this. The significance of this work will never be fully grasped/appreciated by those not working in the sector, unfortunately. But I'll say this: Logan is as well versed at identifying high-impact philanthropy as just about anyone in the world." 

-- Heather Lorenzen, United Nations Consultant

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We'll find the most effective and cost-effective charities in the world addressing the issues you care about most. We'll consider the counterfactual, asking "What would happen otherwise," to help us find uniquely impactful opportunities to give strategically. 

I, unlike most Philanthropic Advisors, am not interested in telling you what you want to hear. Rather, I'm interested in helping you most effectively impact positive change in the world, period. And this will likely include sharing with you a lot of inconvenient realities I've learned in my decade as a nonprofit leader. 

But wouldn't you rather learn what doesn't work before wasting your money? In the end, we'll learn to overcome our biases, avoid fallacies and common misconceptions related to charity, and turn hard truths into world changing impact.


(some of)

What I offer



My personal network consists of some of the world's top thinkers, researchers and influencers on the topic of effective charity. I am constantly updating my knowledge of the field through daily engagements with: cause-area experts, nonprofits industry leaders, universities, think tanks, meta charities/charity evaluators, data scientists, behavioral scientists, ethicists and impact auditors. 

Whenever I cannot answer a question or provide optimal feedback, I am happy to bring in one of the most well-positioned people in the world to do so (at no additional cost, of course). 


I'm not here to help you do some good, but rather to do the MOST good you can with every dollar. And I'm interested in making the processes as transparent, trustworthy, convenient and fulfilling as possible for all my clients. The more rewarding of an experience my clients have, the more likely they are to continue to give effectively, and that's why I'm here.

What exactly is unlike other advisors:

  • Values-aligned impact maximization, guaranteed

  • Bank-to-Beneficiary™ Dollar Tracking 

  • Convert impact/SRI investment portfolios into values-aligned impact giving portfolios

  • 10 years' experience and wisdom in ~70 countries across nonprofit sectors to draw from and share

  • Critical thinking for doing good advising and coaching

  • Front-loaded the research to identify the most effective charities in the world so no need to reinvent wheels or waste your time

  • ...and more.






A podcast about how individuals can most effectively impact positive change in the world.




Rational Compassion Masterclass: Critial thinking for doing good.


  • Coauthor of the global standard guidance document for impact monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian contexts

  • Middle East Advocacy Advisor for Nobel laureate INGO  

  • Senior-most INGO role in Nigeria representing 30+ INGOs

  • Country lead for coral reef research and advocacy INGO in multiple countries

  • Chair of the Syria INGO Regional Forum's Media and Communication Working Group

  • Global Campaigns Manager for nonviolence INGO

  • Senior Consultant implementing significant operational changes in 27 countries for major INGO

  • Disaster Response Team medical logistician days after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

  • Impact Fellow researching the most effective charities in the world

  • And many more...


  • ~70 countries on 6 continents

  • Represented dozens of major nonprofits/INGOs to US Congress and Senate

  • Youngest salaried expat in the world for International Medical Corps

  • Top universities on 4 continents

  • Humanitarian, development, animal and conservation sectors 

  • Writer and Host of the IMPACTivism Podcast 

  • Instruct "critical thinking for doing good" to students in 100+ countries

  • Top-Rated + Best-Selling Udemy instructor

  • Speaker, author, impact-influencer

Logan spent a decade in the humanitarian, development, animal welfare and conservation sectors before rising to the senior-most nonprofit role in the 5th largest humanitarian and development context in the world before the age of 30. 

He is a natural and humanmade disaster response coordination expert, humanitarian and human rights advocacy and policy advisor, consultant and nonprofit leader. His firsthand cross-sector experience and research in over 60 countries gives him a vantage point into effective charity matched by few people in the world. 


He continues to consult for INGOs/UN agencies/social businesses, instruct top-rated online courses to students in over 100 countries, host the IMPACTivism Podcast, provide Global Citizen consultations to high-potential changemakers, and regularly speak and lecture at universities and events.

Countries traveled - Logan Sullivan


Brief intro call
15 min
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