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What I offer

Impact Consultation
Exploring the basics: cause prioritization; what effective charity looks like; differentiating inputs, outputs and outcomes; common biases and fallacies to avoid, etc.
Giving Portfolio
Construct a balanced portfolio of the most effective charities achieving the greatest impact per dollar while addressing the causes you care about most.
Philanthropic Plan
Draft your Theory of Change, construct an aligned giving portfolio, set time-bound outcome targets, and design a tax-optimal giving structure and schedule.
Donor Advised Fund
I'll oversee the logistics of making sure your donations reach effective charities and charities' admin burden is minimized.
Dollar Tracking
Like Amazon package tracking for your donated dollars. I work with charities to draw a map of the lifetime of your donated dollars as they travels from your bank to the beneficiary.
Impact Mapping
I'll show you exactly where your money ended up and what it achieved when it got there, including outcome quantification and qualification.
Outcome Quantification
I'll quantify the outcomes your donated dollars achieved and track these against your goals over time.
Outcome Qualification
When outcomes are less tangible, I'll tell the industry-insider story of exactly why your dollars achieved exceptional outcomes.
Your Impact Webpage
A personal webpage tracking the cumulative impact your donated dollars achieved in key outcome categories you care about most.
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